I have a high quality P.A. system which ensures that your ceremony is clearly heard indoors or out. I pride myself on providing  a calm and practical presence so that your special day will be intimate and  uniquely personal.


I strive to make your ceremony unhurried and full of music and prose that are appropriate to you, if these are your wishes. Also I would encourage you to include others in your service - children, family or friends. Your service needs to reflect who you are as a couple and should be a declaration of the love you share. 

Your wedding is about you and your partner. It should be a personal affair. It is important to me that the ceremony reflects your wishes. My aim is to present you with a service, which is about you and your unique story. I believe it should reflect your individuality and celebrate your union as a couple. I  encourage your input so that together, we create the most important aspects for your special day. 

I am happy to meet with you both as many times as is necessary so that you are satisfied with the unique ceremony that will reflect your feelings, beliefs and personalities.

I enjoy helping couples prepare for and celebrate with them on their special day. I pride myself in my  wedding presentation and am happy to incorporate into the service any special rituals that you may wish.

​​Congratulations   and welcome to the start of your life together as a wedded couple

There are many rituals that can be incorporated into  your service to make it as unique as you both are. 

Whether it be:- 

  • Lighting a unity candle to represent the joining of two people or families in marriage
  • Hand binding ceremony
  • Sharing a glass of champagne
  • Remembering a departed loved one
  • Giving of a rose
  • ​Love letter in wine box