Renewal of Marriage Vows

Renewal of marriage vows is designed for couples who would

like to celebrate their commitment to each other.  This can be

to commemorate a milestone anniversary or just because you can!  It can involve as many friends and family as you like or

just the two of you.  It can have a party type atmosphere or

be a very private intimate affair. 

It is totally your choice. 

You can use your original wedding vows or we can create ones that you feel are more appropriate to you both now.  Vow renewal ceremony is about your continued commitment to each other and your love and the life you have created together.  It recognises where you have been and where you are in your marriage journey

Naming Ceremony

A Naming Ceremony is not just for babies; children of any age can have a Naming Ceremony. You may wish to include your older children in the Ceremony as well as your new baby.

The Naming Ceremony is the perfect opportunity to declare your promises to your child before family and friends. It's also the perfect opportunity to involve relatives, such as grandparents, and maybe other adult friends, as Supporting Adults, allowing them to confirm their special relationship with your child and share their promises at the ceremony in front of you and the guests.

It can be a wonderful way to celebrate the start of many such family celebrations.

Funeral Service

A funeral service is one of the most important rites

of passage.  I will help you convey the story of the

life and essence of your loved one. 

It is important to grieve, but essential to celebrate

all aspects, of the  life of the departed.

Together with you and your family we will create a

memorable service.  I can also offer suggestions 

of poetry; prose and music that will help make this process easier for you.

Many people now try and plan their funeral service in advance, to ease some of the burden on their 

loved ones at a very distressing time.  I can provide you with a wonderful booklet and a personal service to help you leave instructions on how and what you would like to include in your own personal funeral. 

Flower photo courtesy: Martin Kenny